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Welcome to the Mountain Petz Kennel. Your unwanted dogz may be placed in this kennel, if you wish. If you decide to berid of your dog in this kennel, they are sure to get a good home. Kennel dogz will NOT have a download feature, not just anyone will be able to have them. Anyone wanting to adopt from the Mountain Petz Kennel will need to fill out the form at the bottom of this page with a ligament reason for why they beleive they should be selected as the new owner of the dog which they choose to adopt. Dogz in this kennel will be up for adoption for at least one full month before being placed in a good home, or, if no one sends in an adoption form for the dog, after one month it will be placed in the Mountain Petz Adoption, where it will be available for others to download. Unless the previous owner has stated otherwise, the one month statment will be in affect for kennel dogz.
Thank You, and enjoy!

There are no dogz available in the kennel at this time.
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